We  are proud to present  our newest  product!

The product is intended for all people who are on the move, excellent solution when you travel and save you from many unpleasant situations with which you have so far encountered. It gives you high protection when using public toilets and it is very easy to use.

How to use?

It is enough to remove from the packaging one cover, place it on the toilet seat and after using the toilet, just flush.

Why do  we need to use paper toilet seat cover?

The sheet is designed to follow the line of toilet seat and prevents direct contact between surface and user. The results of different studies show that toilet seat contains various sources of infection no matter how clean it looks!

When it appears in the sale?

The product begins toappear at pharmacies, supermarkets, kiosks, perfumeries and other retail outlets.

What are the advantages of this product?

The high quality packaging provides the highest level of hygiene. The product is water-degradable and it is designed to go down the drain after using, without touching. Packing dimensions are 11,5cm x 7cm, which is optimized for active people. One package contains 10 sheets of Paper toilet seat cover.

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